Q: What problems is it going to solve?

Continuous Integration for Nix.

Q: Is it going to replace travis on nixpkgs?

On the long run this might be a logical step, but current focus is providing Pull Requests testing for Nix projects in general.

Q: How is task scheduling going to work?

For 1.0 same as in Hydra.

Q: Is it going to be able to merge PRs?

Not in 1.0, maybe later on.

Q: Is it going to simplify the deployment of the CI?

Yes. There will be a NixOS module with releases.

Q: It there a mode that merges the code before running the tests?

That will be the default.

Q: How is the DB provisioned without hydra?

Not determined yet, there will be a command eventually.

Q: What does Eelco think of this project, how likely is it that hydra will be replaced by it?

No official word out yet. It’s too soon.